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Studio Horus & Studio MHNA
MYRIAD is the first collection of bathroom fittings to have combined traditional craftsmanship with Needle Engraving, an ornamentation composed of straight and wavy lines that intertwine or cross symmetrically. The result is a chequered pattern. Collection designed in collaboration with March Hertrich’s and Nicolas Adnet’s MHNA studio.
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The Horus Studio produces fittings that embody both French elegance and luxury, by proposing bespoke projects that can be adapted to any type of project. With their innate vision of an elegant and useful design, our designers experiment, invent and try to find solutions to optimize the fluidity of volumes.

The Horus Studio is very rigorous with regards to the choice and use of materials. From renovation to design, the Studio takes care of your entire project. The Horus Studio’s primary objective is to integrate each project into its environment. Its philosophy is to listen to its customers’ wishes and succeed in transposing them in aesthetically pleasing and practical terms.

The Studio is committed to a project from its definition to the end, and pays attention to detail in order to design “haute couture” fittings in accordance with our values. The aim of the Horus Studio is to analyse each subject to understand what is required and get the most out of its potential, in keeping with our company’s unique know-how, until we find the perfect line.