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A founder of great vision

It was in his modest workshop in Ottrott in 1960 that Gilles Nortier drew the first sketches of what would later become the Horus Company.

A true self-taught artist and creative genius, Gilles Nortier first wanted to secretly put his manual talents to the service of exceptional expertise and know-how. He designed the first pieces and then the first fittings in this workshop, which also served as a place of meditation to perfect his art.

The Falconer

Passionate about falconry, he acquired over time, the gestures and values that make falconers the true guardians of this age-old art classified as part of the living cultural heritage of humanity. To reach the perfection of works of art he needed patience, the humility of the beginner, the determination necessary to acquire the love of creating … Values that would never leave him and that he would apply all his life.

Entrepreneur at heart, he began by selling high-end bathroom articles first in Germany and then in France. He quickly expressed his frustration at not finding the luxury bathroom fittings that complemented his products. Destiny would push him to take the next step in the creation of his own company, because following a visit to King Fade, who was as passionate about falconry as he was, he was commissioned to create an exceptional solid gold faucet for him. And so it was in 1978, that Gilles Nortier created the company ROBINETTERIE JULIA.

The Birth of Horus

Symbolically, Gilles Nortier wanted to transmit the values and love of falconry to the company by giving it, in 1981, the name of HORUS, symbolized by the head of a falcon translating power, humility and creative intuition.

Technical mastery tinged with virtuosity. A sense of detail pushed to its limits. The ability of infusing an artistic dimension into his exceptional fittings making them truly unique works. So we could summarize the fundamentals instilled by M.Nortier. The fundamentals, underpinning rare skills, often very old, which are passed on with passion to our workshops.

The Difficult Years

Gilles Nortier subsequently decided to sell the company.

Orphaned by its creator, HORUS went through some difficult years.

The risky management of the new owners combined with a wave of liberalization of the European markets led to an invasion of Italian products, with a very contemporary design, supported by efficient marketing plans. Horus products were marginalized on the French market, their outlet being almost unique.

A significant development in exports compensated for a while for the decline… until the crisis of 2008, which caused the collapse of American orders.

The Re-birth

It is in this context that François Retailleau now comes into the story of Horus. He wanted to redirect his career towards taking over the company, but the moment could not be more difficult as the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

I had promised myself not to take over a company in difficulty…»

François Retailleau would succeed in restoring Horus’s credentials by returning the company to its fundamentals and the excellence of its know-how in the creation of retro faucets. The company would then go on to specialise and equip the most beautiful palaces and hotels in the world (500 hotel references) and progress its forward march on the French market but also internationally.

The Rodriguez Family

In 2019, in order to see the company survive and continue its progress, François Retailleau decided to look for a buyer who could definitively strengthen the company.

A family group then emerged, Kramer WTS Group, led by Manuel Rodriguez and Tristan Rodriguez.

A leading French company, supplier of one of the largest sanitary ware brands in France, for the design and production of their private label products with its own industrial equipment.

The complementary workings of these companies now allow HORUS to strengthen its DNA, to see much bigger and to reach international ambitions.

The company is now managed by three main players: Manuel Rodriguez, Chairman of the group. François Retailleau , CEO of Horus and Tristan Rodriguez, Sales and Marketing Director of the group.

The Company of Horus is once again EPV certified.

Horus has developed a unique expertise and know-how in the manufacturing of high-end faucets and fittings that meet the most demanding quality and environmental standards.

This culture of excellence can be explained by the creation of luxury fittings that the company has designed since its creation for high-end hotels and palaces around the world. By staying in touch and listening to the demands of its customers, Horus constantly challenges its notion of perfection.

Horus fits perfectly into the new “luxury codes” by offering a more ecological vision of its manufacturing processes but also by placing the Human- Being at the heart of its development process.

In January 2020, Horus obtained and therefore retains the prestigious certification,” A Living Heritage Company.”

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a mark of recognition by the State. Set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.