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Elegance: discover the “Ascott” collection

Welcome to the exquisite world of the ‘Ascott’ luxury tapware collection, where luxury and refinement meet to create an unparalleled sensory experience. This prestigious range embodies the essence of classic style, with a rigorous and warm design that evokes a timeless aesthetic.

Luxury redefined

The “Ascott” collection is a functional work of art that evokes uncompromising luxury. Every faucet, every detail, is designed with meticulous attention to provide a user experience as exceptional as its appearance. Made with the highest quality materials, this collection transcends simple accessories to become centerpieces of your space.

Rigorous and warm design

The rigorous design of the “Ascott” collection is the result of in-depth reflection and artisanal expertise. Clean lines and elegant shapes create a visual symphony that fits perfectly into the most refined spaces. The subtle marriage between the rigor of the design and the warmth of the finishes creates a unique atmosphere, inviting intimacy and relaxation.

A legacy of excellence

“Ascott” faucets proudly equip the most beautiful palaces in the world. Their presence in these iconic locations is a testament to their exceptional status and ability to elevate the aesthetic of any space. The “Ascott” collection combines tradition and modernity to create a timeless experience, guaranteeing satisfaction that meets the most demanding expectations.

25bis by "Leclerc Brillant"

The prestigious “Ascott” tapware collection is distinguished by its unrivaled refinement and timeless aesthetic, and it now adds its elegant character to the sumptuous rooms of 25bis by Leclerc Brillant in Epernay. Combining the tradition of classic style with innovative details, ‘Ascott’ faucets embody supreme luxury, becoming the natural choice for such an iconic establishment. Each element of this remarkable collection has been carefully selected to complement the warm and refined atmosphere of this exceptional estate. By equipping the rooms of 25bis, the “Ascott” collection promises to offer an immersive accommodation experience, where the smallest detail contributes to creating an atmosphere of luxury and elegance that leaves an indelible impression on each visitor.


Discover the 25bis by Leclerc Brillant

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