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HORUS / News / Horus furnishes the Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez ****

Horus furnishes the Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez ****

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The owner of four prestigious classified Bordeaux wines, graciously invites all the clients of La Grande Maison to discover his Châteaux through his tasting courses, guided tours and his “B-winemaker” wine blending workshop which will allow you to leave with two bottles of great wines that you will have created yourself.

You will also be the privileged visitor of the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, a centre for contemporary art, a place of cultural sharing and artists’ residences, right next to the Hotel Restaurant.

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Our classic collections are a marvellous illustration of the refinement and patience required for exceptional work, requiring careful hand turning, polishing, decoration and assembly of all the pieces making up these collections.

Our classic fittings must comply with a precise manufacturing order, carried out by our most experienced teams.

This work has given rise to real models that have become iconic today, most of which have furnished the most beautiful hotels and palaces in France and throughout the world.

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