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Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet :

The two designers were quick to recognise a growing synergy between them. They started to put together large-scale hotel projects all around the world. Since then, they have personalised their creations using the culture, past, and traditions found locally at the site of each project, as well as the unequalled talent of artists and artisans, the true creative partners of the two designers.

HORUS x MHNA : Negresco in Nice

Horus equipped the prestigious bathrooms of the Le Negresco palace. What other palace could better symbolize the legend of the French Riviera? More than 100 years after its creation, as an ideal image of the legendary Riviera, Le Negresco reveals our desires for pleasure, relaxation and well-being.


The “Myriad” faucet collection is the result of a collaboration between the know-how of HORUS and the talent of Studio MHNA. It presents itself aesthetically in its most chic finery: dressed in diamond tips, it is chiseled with a multitude of facets, obtained thanks to the guilloche process … timeless taps, imbued with classicism and yet resolutely contemporary.

« An intense process of exchange, shared values and an unfailing demand for quality and product excellence are all factors that have brought us closer to Horus. Our challenge was to include this collection in this period while evoking the past. »

« Like a jewel, MYRIAD exposes its chiseled and polished facets to the play of light. With its diamond-tipped cut, the collection, in two Chrome or Gold versions, refers to luxury watchmaking and the subtle guilloche technique. But beyond its extreme sophistication and original design, the entire line also brings real technical innovations to facilitate installation and optimize user ergonomics. »


« The guilloche embodies the quest for beauty, the culmination of an aesthetic work. Between engraving and sculpture, this art dates back to the 16th century: adorned with engraved, hollow sculpted and intersecting lines. »

– Nicolas Adnet

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