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Myriad, a jewel of fittings

The birth of Myriad

Creation resulting from the reflection between the Parisian studio of interior decoration MHNA (Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet) and HORUS. Myriad is a multi-faceted chiseled range, imbued with classicism and nevertheless resolutely contemporary.

Discover the Myriad creation

« An intense process of exchange, common values and an unwavering requirement for the quality and excellence of products are all factors that have brought us closer to the Horus company. »

– Marc Hertricht

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The needle engraving / Guilloche

Guilloche is an intaglio engraving technique that dates back to the 16th century. It consists of decorating a surface with parallel, rectilinear or curved lines which may or may not intersect. Originally, the guilloche work of metal was carried out with a chisel, and was mainly used in watchmaking before being extended to decoration and jewelry.

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A myriad

This word, of Greek origin, means in the decimal system ten to the power of four, or ten thousand (10,000). In everyday language, it is an indefinite, innumerable quantity of people or things, a myriad of stars for example.

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In addition to the chrome finish, Myriad is also available in:

  • Gold Gloss, which installs Myriad in the world of luxury jewelry.
  • Black Chrome, whose reflections suggest the world of industrial precision.
Mitigeur lavabo doré monotrou Myriad vidage à tirette

Shower, bath and accessories

So that Myriad can express itself throughout the bathroom, HORUS has designed a complete range for showering and bathing.

The nobility of the materials and the discreet reminders of guilloche pieces give this line a very original elegance.

The accessories, practical, ergonomic and refined, are elevated to the rank of precious decorative objects.

Photo de l'anneau porte-serviette Myriad

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