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HORUS offers the largest range of finishes, suggesting private customers, architects, decorators, designers…to plate the taps with handmade finishes, best fitting decoration for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our finishes: a unique know-how

Every separate masterpiece is plated before complete assembling of the faucet. The Most common colour used for brassware is chrome. This plating, presenting a light blue glint, is obtained by dipping components into successive baths, according to an electrolytic process.

Chrome, a hard and stainless metal is highly protective. Matt and shiny nickel finishes, slightly different from chrome, are also obtained by electrolysis. Gold plating is realized on special request.

Chrome and nickel items are manufactured in small and medium series, and main items in each HORUS range are usually available in stock, allowing a quick delivery of orders.

Some other finishings, named decoration finishes, are obtained through a different process: it is no longer a layer on component, but rather a reaction of brass material itself, obtained by immersion into an acid bath, which modifies final outside aspect of the piece. This process is bound to be manually achieved.

It is actually a tricky operation, the result of which depends on several parameters : the piece dimensions, the bath grade, surrounding conditions in temperature and hydrothermy, time in bath…Mastership of all these conditions requires a high quality knowhow.

Then, components are usually matt, satin or glossy varnished, before being put in an oven in order to be protected from everyday use.

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(image) aperçu de la finition cuivre satiné

Satin Copper

(image) aperçu de la finition laiton satiné

Satin Brass

(image) aperçu de la finition canon de fusil

Metal Gun

(image) aperçu de la finition nickel satiné

Satin Nickel

(image) aperçu de la finition noir mat

Matt Black

(image) aperçu de la finition inox

Stainless steel 316

(image) aperçu de la finition intox brillant

Lacquered stainless steel

(image) aperçu de la finition cuivre rosé

Brushed Matt pink copper (PVD)

(image) aperçu de la finition Canon de fusil

Metal Gun (PVD)

(image) aperçu de la finition doré brossé PVD

Brushed matt gold (PVD)