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Equinox 316 a new complete range

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The latest addition to the Concept collection, the Equinox316 range, combining quality and reliability, reinforces the “Classic” and “Contemporary” collections that have contributed to the international reputation of our French faucet company.  Available in multiple versions, the Equinox316 range has been designed to adapt perfectly to the projects and desires of everyone. Equinox316 is the perfect match for all types of bathrooms.


Austenitic, non-magnetic, highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a gas-atomised powder at the start with a maximum grain size of 22 um. This steel has a homogenous microstructure with a homogeneous core in the surface, which allows us to obtain high quality surface finishes and machining. This steel is suitable for galvanic treatments as well as chemical and physical deposits.

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Complete Range of Equinox316 accessories

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To discover the complete catalogue click here.

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